The History of Girls High School Basketball in NC

The Two Divisional Game

Three on Three + The Rover

1945 - 1970


NC Girls Basketball History

While girls basketball can easily be traced back in to the early 1900's throughout the country, this project is dedicated to only the state of North Carolina and begins with the year 1945. This year was selected since girlsbasketball, as were many other activities, was discontinued or at least curtail during World War II.

North Carolina had an even 100 counties and over 600 county [rural], town and city schools statewide. After the ending of the second world war and things began to get back to normal, virtually every county [rural] high school fielded a competitive girls basketball team. The smaller town shools also had the competitive teams but many of the citiy schools had only intra-mural or Girls Athletic Association teams and did not participate in competitve basketball..


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